Glade Expressions Collection: Review

Hi everyone!

I have another review for you from! This review is for the Glade Expressions Collection. Bzzagent sent me a pack of coupons to use and after purchasing a bottle, my home has never smelled better! We have a pomeranian at home and many people know that with a pet, homes can smell not so yummy. But out glade worked so wonderful and our home now smells wonderful and inviting!

Here's a photo of the products:

I recommend all homeowners to try out this product, they have many different scents!

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Kawaii Memo Sheets & Sticker Flakes Swap

Swap Name: Kawaii Memo Sheets & Sticker Flakes Swap

Swap Sent To: Denise Brown aka DeadGirlDancing

Swap Requirements: 10 memo sheets & 5 sticker flakes

Swap Envie Sent to Denise

Goodies Inside Envie

Package Full of Paper Swap

Swap Name: Package Full of Paper

Swap Sent To: Heather Eng aka LadyRaven86

Swap Requirement: 8 unused/new paper goodies

Envie Sent To Heather

Goodies inside the package!


I won't just be uploading posts about kawaii things but I just thought I'd share a website called I've been a bzzagent for a few months now and I've got to say, my experience of it is amazing! This is a website where you're able to join campaigns in which the website will send you coupons, samples, or products for you to try. After testing them out, you then just write honest reviews about the products to earn points. The more points you earn, the more eligible you are to other campaigns plus they have a point system where you can score cool prizes!

From their website, they explain it as:

1. Try - "Try cool new products"
2. Share - "Share deals with friends"
3. Repeat - "Influence top brands"

I'm gonna share with you my experience with the UnReal candy campaign.

The website sent me 1 coupon for any UnReal candy for FREE and other discount coupons. The candy was amazing! It's mostly chocolate so all you chocolate lovers have got to try it! Seriously though, go to a store and buy it now!

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Hi Everybody!

This is kind of nerve-wracking because this is my first post! Clearly, I don't have any followers yet because this blog is new so technically, I'm writing to no one but myself heheh but I need to put this blog to use by posting more blog posts! Anyways....well yeah, I guess this is it! lol