The Purposeful Planner

Hi everyone!

The other day I stumbled onto this website and found that Corie has released a new planner for 2015! This new planner is called the Purposeful Planner and is currently available for pre-order. If you pre-order the Purposeful Planner, they will ship mid-December!

Here's some information on the planner from Corie's website:

"It is loaded with 390 pages to help you be more purposeful with your life. At the beginning of each month you will find a month spread, a budget sheet, a menu plan sheet, and a master task list. Each day has it’s own page except for Saturday and Sunday which share one page.  You will find an inspirational quote or verse on each page as well as a place to write down a prayer or praise for the day, track your water intake, your health, a brain dump area that can be used for a to-do list, doodles, or anything else you may need to jot down, a retail therapy area for you to write down things you need to purchase, a place to plan your dinner, as well as a schedule for that day. There is a section titled “Today I will” which can be used for you to put the most important things that need to get done that particular day. There is also a 15 minute challenge every day of the year to stay on top of those little things that are easily forgotten! You can do anything for 15 minutes!"
 Here's a picture of the lovely planner from her website:

For more pictures on the inserts inside the planner, click HERE. I think many of you ladies might be interested in this beautiful planner. It reminds me of the Emily Ley planners. Comment below on what you think of this planner and whether you might pre-order it or not! I'm still thinking about it :D

Have a wonderful week and I love you all!

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