Week of July 1st - 7th Pages

Hi there!

I just thought some of you would enjoy seeing how I decorated this week's pages in my filofax. Keep in mind that I'm using a Personal Raspberry Metropol filofax with pages from the Barnes & Noble Punctuate planner. 

I went with an all American theme considering Independence Day was this week! I usually try to match my stickers, labels, and ink colors with my theme of that week. 

Without further adieu, enjoy the pictures of the pages! 

That's it for today! Until next time!

Hugs xx

Frixion Pens & Diary Inserts Haul

Hi everyone! I have yet another haul post for you today.

First, I bought a set of Frixion pens from amazon.com they are 0.5 mm and come in a set of 10 different colors. What's great about these pens is that the ink is erasable so if some plans happen to change, instead of crossing things out in your filofax which looks messy, you can just erase it! These cost me $26.30 with free two day shipping because I have a prime account. 

Let me me know if you'd like me to review them for you!

Then, I bought a few things from a Korean stationery store inside of my local h-mart. The first things I bought were these: 

A letter pad ($4.75) and letter set ($2.50) for my pen pals! 

Then I randomly hit the jack pot and found these amazing diary inserts that fit into my personal sized filofax! The designs are beyond cute and they cost me $1.50 for each pack. I bought a variety of address pages, lined pages, and note pages. 

I also bought these wonderful transparent stickers that cost $2.99, flag stickers that cost $1.50 and a clear ziplock envelope for my filofax that cost $1.75

That's the end of my haul for today, please do check out my newest youtube video about this haul at:

Thanks for stopping by!

Hugs xx

Hi-Tec C Coleto Pens Haul

Hi everyone! Today I have a haul post for you all. I ordered a bunch of coleto pens for my filofax from:

Coleto pens are basically multi-pens where you can choose which color you'd like to write with simply by clicking that color down! These are so convenient because I can just carry one pen but it has many colors to write with. 

The website is based from Hong Kong so it took about 2 weeks for my order to reach me but the wait was worth it in my opinion because the prices at very affordable! 

I ordered 4 of the coleto barrels. One in green, pink, blue, and peach. When you order the barrels, they come empty because you need to order the pen cartridges. These pens are the 4 barrel coletos. 

These are the pen cartridges that you need to order in order to use the coleto barrels. They have a variety of colors and being the hoarder that I am, I ordered one of every color. They also come in different sizes or pen tips. I'm usually comfortable with 0.5 mm but since I wanted every color, I had to compromise on sizes due to availability. 

I also ordered these kawaii rilakkuma coleto pens! These were more expensive because each comes with 3 pen cartridges in black, blue, and red. The cartridges are size 0.4mm

Here is a sample of how the rilakkuma coleto pens write!

Overall, I'm very happy with my purchase and will most likely order from this website again! 

Hugs xx,

Korean Planner - Week June 3rd - June 9th

Hi everyone! Here's a look at the Korean planner that I'm currently using until I'm able to start using my filofax. The filofax that I bought comes with sheets from July 2013 - December 2014 so I can't use it just yet! Enjoy the pics! (:

This is the cover of the Korean planner that I'm using. 

And here is the photo from last week! I went with a pink and purple theme :D

Hugs xx,