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Hi everyone!

So today I want to talk about my first order with gouletpens.com ! I placed the order on May 13, 2014 and if I remember correctly, it came in a week later which isn't too bad. I paid $3.34 for shipping which is a pretty odd number so I'm assuming that shipping prices are based on how much you order. 

Like I said, this was my first time ordering something from gouletpens.com and I'm quite pleased with my order. They have great prices and what made me order from them instead of penboutique.com is that gouletpens offers ink samples for purchase. Penboutique.com had the lamy safari in neon pink for a little bit cheaper but doesn't offer ink samples for sale which is why I opted for gouletpens.com

So without further adieu, here is a picture of everything that I ordered:

I ordered the lamy safari with a fine nib in the limited edition neon coral color. This is my very first time owning a lamy fountain pen. I'm very excited to start using it in my midori! The lamy costed $29.60

I also ordered a lamy z24 converter so that I can use different types of ink with my lamy instead of the lamy ink cartridges. This converter costed $4.95

The last thing I ordered was the ink sample package of pilot iroshizuku inks! I've heard a lot of good things about this brand of inks but considering how expensive each bottle is (roughly $28), I wanted to test out the ink before paying that much for a bottle. Thankfully gouletpens offers the ink sample package which costed me $18 for 8 different sample colors. The colors in my sample package include: moonlight, morning glory, deep cerulean blue, peacock, crimson glory vine, wild chestnuts bamboo charcoal, and deep sea. 

And here is a sample of some writing with my new lamy! Keep in mind that the lamy comes with a blue lamy cartridge of ink and that's what I'm using now as well as in this sample of writing. 

So that's it for today! Thank you so much for stopping by and have a good week!

Hugs xox
Annie Nguyen

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  1. Annie, hello! Just wanted to stop by and say Happy Birthday. (I saw your videos and you mentioned today was the BIG DAY!!!). I wish you many more birthdays! Lots of gifts, love, and happiness.
    Take care.