Kikki-k Haul & Gifts

Hi everyone!

So about two months ago, had a really awesome sale on some of their paper goods and stationery. Naturally, I picked up some really cute things that I've been wanting at a really great price!

Here's a picture of what I purchased: 
I bought some goodies from the Here and Now collection as well as the Under the Sea collection. I'm extremely happy that I was able to get the whale rubber stamp on sale!

I also wanted to include the gifts that were sent to me from Kikki-k. Kristina, the founder, and her company were promoting their cheaper worldwide shipping price. It used to cost $19.95 to ship worldwide but the new price is now only $9.95! As part of their advertising, the company sent packages out to US customers who have been supporting their company. I was one of the lucky recipients! So here's a picture of what was sent to me:
The package included a daily notes pad from the Upsala collection, a greeting card from the Under the Sea collection, and a blue felt tip pen. Kristina also mentioned that it has always been her dream to open kikki-k stores in the US so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that her dream will come true very soon!

Hope you all enjoy this post!

Hugs xx
Annie Nguyen

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  1. I really love Kikki-k <3
    I bought their planner last year and I probably open it ten times a day.
    Thank you for sharing your videos with us - I enjoy watching them :)

  2. Hi Annie,

    I've been admiring Kikki-k planners for some time now and am just wondering how much, if any, import taxes/duties you were charged for ordering to the US?